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Our Activities and Projects

Fish Stocking

The lake association stocks walleye every third year.  Lake association members generously donate to our fish stocking fund.

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Lake Water Testing and Monitoring

Water samples are gathered by lake association members and transported to RMB labs for testing.  These test results are also sent to and used by Minnesota state agencies.

Shallow Water Hazard Buoys

Shallow underwater points are marked with hazard buoys to alert boaters of their location.

loon platforms4.jpg

Loon Nesting Platforms

Nesting platforms are constructed and placed on the lake each spring in order to provide additional nesting locations for the loons that call Clitherall Lake their summer home.

Volunteers count the number of nesting pairs and successful young each summer. 

Aquatic Invasive Species

The lake association donates to the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Council (MAISRC) at the University of Minnesota. Board members have also participated in the "Starry Trek" event put on by MAISRC.

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Lake Steward Program

Lake-friendly property management practices are encouraged and recognized. 

The Clitherall Lake Association is a member of Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates, who operate the Lake Steward Program.

And Fun Stuff...

Watch the home page for information on the Independence Day Boat Parade.

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